Educative Meat Shelf Signage

Illustration and Creative direction by Daniel Santos
Harris Farm Market’s meat shelf informational tickets

Harris Farm Market’s is the largest family owned and run fresh food and produce retailer in Australia. With 24 stores operating in NSW servicing about 11million customers every year. Their commitment to being local, fresh and informative is what sets them apart from other food retailers.

A merchandise and signage refresh presented an opportunity to redesign shelving tickets within the store meat departments. The redesign needed to not only be consistent with the brand and cater for the different shelving sizes. It also needed to be easy to use and provide options for the merchandisers and staff who will be using them on a very frequent basis.



Collaborating with the meat department buyer and the Harris Farm Markets chef, I was able to design shelving tickets that were visual, informative, clear and educational for the customer. The designs also had the flexibility of being able to place printed prices or personally written on, which staff and merchandisers also benefited from.

The ticketing designs included:

  • An illustrated animal (cow, pig, sheep and chicken) and an indicator to show the location of cut.
  • Name of cut, suggestive cooking methods and recommended ingredients to match it with.
  • Large price ticketing area to increase functionality.

HFM Daniel Santos design -image-compiled-main

HFM-meat-signage---1 daniel santos design