Brand identity by Daniel Santos

Kindyspace is an innovative app designed to efficiently build communication and transparency between childcare centres, parents and their children. Using current technology to streamline development and progress reporting.

The startup childcare app required a logo identity that respected the very specific values and personality of the new app. The logo identity needed to not only relate to the early learning industry, but it also needed to appeal to the childcare owners/managers as they would be the main influencers of implementing the app into current systems.


It was important to understand the key goals and influencers of the app in order to begin in the right direction. So after investigating Kindyspace’s app layout and features and how the introduction to the app would take place, I was able to produce an identity that speaks to both childcare owner/manager and childcare customers.

A clean line-style logo illustration with a subtle, on trend, use of shadows. Married with a light, cleanly spaced, typeface. The blue colour speaks to both the business side of childcare as well as being visually fresh and bright.

Conceptually, the use of the squirrel adds a feeling of playfulness, agility and curiousity. The line-style implemented adds the notion of a path or journey.

Kindyspace-image1 Daniel santos design

Kindyspace-image3 daniel santos design

Kindyspace-image4 daniel santos design

Kindyspace-image2 daniel santos design