Creative Direction and UX by Daniel Santos
Group M Internal Communications Training App

Group M is the worlds largest media agency who are responsible for one in three advertisements worldwide. Part of their success is the commitment of nurturing skilled and talented leaders.

To help guide current and aspiring leaders of Group M, the human resource department needed an app to help deliver the well established systems which were currently being updated. The app needed to cater to leaders who needed “on the fly” guides, leadership information and forms. For employee conflicts during, for example, on the phone mid-conversation and via email.


A mobile/tablet specific app was designed with a focus on user experience and journey throughout the app. The MOVE app served two purposes: to be used in conjunction with a leader development stage program and as a quick reference guide. Two modes of navigation were implemented into the design.

The overall design and UX received positive feedback upon launch and has been a welcome addition to the HR’s toolkit. So much so that the logo identity and design has been implemented across the other program collateral.

MOVE-portfolio-image-1 daniel santos design

MOVE-portfolio-image-2 daniel santos design

MOVE-portfolio-image-3 daniel santos design

portfolio-preso-wip-M Daniel santos design

portfolio-preso-wip-O daniel santos design

portfolio-preso-wip-V daniel santos design

portfolio-preso-wip-E daniel santos design