Ray White_Know How Campaign

Layout and template implementation by Daniel Santos
Branding and campaign design across print and digital marketing

Ray White comprises of nearly 12,000 property professionals, with over 1,000 offices, making it Australasia’s leading real estate brand.

Part of the success of Ray White is the brands consistent strength in marketing. In 2013 the Ray White_Know How Campaign was developed and implementation of the campaign was required across a majority of the groups corporate and property marketing. This included:

  • Campaign office signage and booklets/brochures (including translated Chinese versions)
  • Agent and office promotional marketing
  • Merchandise and vehicle livery
  • Press advertising
  • Digital advertising and social media promotions
  • Property event show collateral



The Ray White_Know How campaign was the first group campaign ever developed. Although their wasn’t any existing systems in place for creative implementation, within the design team, we were able to coordinate and systematically develop the creative across all marketing.

A large part of the successful implementation was the production of marketing collateral templates used by agents and offices for all size/purpose variations into specifications of a number of printing agencies.

Ray-White_Know-How-image-1  daniel santos design

Ray-White_Know-How-image-2 daniel santos design

Ray-White_Know-How-image-3 daniel santos design

Ray-White_Know-How-image-4  daniel santos design

Ray-White_Know- daniel santos design

Ray-White_Know-How-image-8 daniel santos design

Ray-White_Know-How-image-7 daniel santos design

Ray-White_Know-How-image-11 daniel santos design

Ray-White_Know-How-image-10 daniel santos design