Weeded Warrior

Logo Identity by Daniel Santos
Concept and logo identity

Weeded Warrior is a charity organisation that was started to empower and support those who are faced with the challenges associated with trauma related mental illness. This is both directed towards friends and family, as well as ex-service personnel both defence and emergency services who have been affected by their service.

A rebrand is required to enable the brand to posses a solid brand fundamentals in order for the organisation to grow and gain awareness across Australia. At it’s current state, the Weeded Warrior brand has loose/limited branding look and feel. With a logo identity and several images across it’s website.

The brand needs to be generic enough and relate-able to all our members as a journey about learning to manage the debilitating condition of PTSD and other service induced illness or chronic pain conditions. Currently targeting sponsors to support our efforts in expanding and continue to help our growing members.

Business goal:

  • To provide information, advice and resources.

One of the three concepts presented to the clients was well received, and chosen. The heart concept focuses on the holistic approach that Weeded Warrior supports. This concept illustrates a plant/vine growing in a uniform direction in a shape of a heart. This concept works well to counter from the polarising perceptions of the word “weed“.

The concept focusses on:

  • Mindset > Positive
  • Health > Organic > Earth loving
  • Support > Firm & flowing > Stable